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There’s a difference in Being and Doing. One has awareness, and the other requires action. – Sistah Soldier

FREE Guide: 10 Most Overlooked Mistakes When Transitioning from The Military

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There’s A New Way of Transitioning.

Build your new career with confidence. The Military Transition Mastery Series simplifies the transition from service. Not only will we provide valuable resources, but tools and practices that are life changing. It’s a unique way of reentering the civilian workforce. We want you to have the confidence and assurance that you can do the job. you were taught to “win” and there’s no reason to stop now. Small or great, you were meant to achieve the mission no matter how much the two worlds appear to be different. The Military Transition Mastery Series gives you access to cracking the code of transition.

Virtual Experiences

Our online courses are designed to produce results. We understand your career has the greatest impact on how your life will be expressed. So, we’re coming to you in remote places where you can feel comfortable in your own environment.  Learn how to become self-expressive, and live your life out loud!  Discover why your voice matters, how to speak with confidence, and get what you want!  After all, this is your second wind. Why not make it count?

Virtual & Live Workshops

Have significant breakthroughs while creatively planning the next phase of your life.  Our workshops are designed to help you succeed in life and career.   No matter how long you’ve served, or how many times you’ve re-invented your career, you’re sure to gain the tools you’ll need to win the big games you’re playing in life.  Be sure to join our mailing list to receive updates on our workshops.

Veterans Resume & Professional Coaching

Need additional guidance?   No worries.  From employment to entrepreneurship, As a Certified Veteran Development Coach I’m experienced enough to work with military families.  As a matter of fact, during my career I have assisted many family members and military members who served or put themselves on the line for the greater good.  So, I perfectly understand. I have designated a specific program just for you!

Employment Opportunities

Once you have revised and updated your resume for the job market, you’ll be connected to our recruiter network. It’s all about preparation, achieving victory and decreasing the stress. Our programs are meant to be holistic and in depth. The reality is, there are far more pieces to the puzzle than just having a resume. Everything assembles together. So, why not design your puzzle today and have it available to assist you with creating future stability? You’ll not only transition your career, but your mindset!

FREE Guide: 10 Most Overlooked Mistakes When Transitioning from The Military

Meet Your Coach.

Hi, I’m Wanda “Sistah Soldier” Petty. I help transform military service members and military family members’ careers so they can live a life full of joy and self-expression! Whether you desire to get attuned to your career, or live a life of satisfaction to the very end, I’m your coach!

My 21 years experience as a human resource manager in the U.S. Army was key to understanding the challenges associated with Permanent Change of Station (PCS), and transitioning from the military into the civilian workforce. During my tenure,I was responsible for re-assigning service members and their families to their next assignment from the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) to Expiration Term of Service (ETS). It became a personal mission to ensure each troop’s transition was smooth, their needs met, and the stressful impact of change was decreased. As a Certified Career Coach, Global Career Development Facilitator, Trainer, and Visionary Creator of Career Mastery Blueprint™, and Military Transition Mastery™, that calling has not changed. I’m constantly developing my professional skills to provide applicable practices to my work to help others succeed.

I’m on a mission to improve lives of former service members, and their families who desire to rediscover their place in an altered society they once knew by teaching them how to navigate through challenging aspects of career choices, housing, and democracy. The programs I’ve designed are meant to reveal the unlimited world of self-expression and sovereignty. I share tips on career mastery that leverage daily lifestyles and create new ways of living and harnessing life’s possibilities.


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